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Innovative Renovation uses an expert team to provid the best commercial and residential kitchen remodels in North New Jersey as well as New York City. We guarantee that our work will show you results that you’re looking for in your dream kitchen.

With kitchen remodeling in New Jersey, you can improve the value of your home and the love you feel every day when you walk down to have breakfast or lunch. Your guests will love coming for you to entertain. 

Kitchen Design, Remodeling, and Renovation

Most homeowners in New Jersey consider the kitchen to be the heart and soul of the home – a beloved gathering place for family and friends. A perfectly designed and renovated kitchen will bring joy to you as a homeowner every day as you cook and entertain.

COnsidering a New Jersey kitchen remodeling company makes sense. It’s the best way to pimprove all that the kitchen has to offer in your home.

We are masters in the locality when speaking of design and renovation for your kitchen. Our dedication to our craft and expertise make us a top choice to renovate and/or remodel andy room in the home.

We Provide New Jersey Kitchen Remodeling Services in the Following Areas

New York City, NY • Brooklyn, NY • Bronx, NY • Long Island, NY • Queens, NY • Staten Island, NY • NJ • PA • CT

Why Hire Us for Kitchen Remodeling Services in New Jersey?

Innovative Renovations has a comnined hundred years of experience in kitchen remodeling and hother home and commercial renovations. We do kitchen remodeling for our clients. We streamline our projects to combine our engineering expertise with quality and integrity unmatched in New Jersey and NYC.

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I was looking for someone in New Jersey to do a high end apartment renovation for a rental property I own. Innovative Renovations made my property profitable and did it at an affordable price point for what I needed without trying to sell me on extra things.

-Dave D.


If you're looking to build more space or make changes that would give you greater appreciation for your home, we can help create what you want. We can do anything from cosmetic to full gut renovation. Our professional home renovation experts have years of experience in creating beautiful spaces for residential and commercial clients in New Jersey and New York City.We provide competitive free estimates and we are ready to exceed your expectations!